Annual fees due March 31: E-transfer $240 to [email protected]

By Cheque: PO Box 55012, RPO Windermere, Edmonton, AB T6W 5B4


2023 Updates

March 7
– website has been cleaned up, but still adding info and editing
– bylaws require amendment now that Allard has sold off all remaining homes – will be a summer project – volunteers are welcome!
– Landscaping – continue with Always Landscaping
                        – Marla will attend April meeting to assess yearly plan
                        – would like main field over seeded to grow grass and choke out weeds – cost?
– need to report thistle on sports fields to 311 as soon as it grows this spring
– Volunteer Dinner – HOA would like to host at Woodshed again – May – to thank community volunteers
– Voles/Moles/Gophers – issue under wall along Henday – getting exterminator quotes once snow melts (April)
– possibility to get Scorpio to assess any issues with wall integrity once moles are taken care of