Annual fees due March 31: E-transfer $240 to [email protected]

By Cheque: PO Box 55012, RPO Windermere, Edmonton, AB T6W 5B4


We have received calls regarding empty lots. These can be frustrating, when left up kept or waiting for your neighbour to build. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control. There are two things that you can do:

  • If a lot has been left over 2 years, feel free to contact “Allard Developments” for assistance. They are the developer of this area, and they are the ones in charge of enforcing the building requirements.
  • Unfortunately, as far as the city is concerned, there is no time limit for a developer to put something on the lot. They do have to follow the City’s bylaws though. This means they must keep the grass cut, the weeds tended to, garbage off the lot, sidewalks shoveled in the winter, etc.
  • If you feel that these lots are not being kept up, then you are able to submit a bylaw complaint. You can find more information about the types of complaints that can be submitted and how to submit them at: As well, you can call 311