Annual fees due March 31: E-transfer $240 to [email protected]

By Cheque: PO Box 55012, RPO Windermere, Edmonton, AB T6W 5B4



Q. What is a Homeowners Association?

A Homeowners Association is a not-for profit organization in a planned community with an elected volunteer board.  The Homeowners Association collects annual fees from the homeowners to maintain common areas and enforce covenants, conditions and restrictions above the municipal standard; that have been set by the developer and the association. For example, structural maintenance of masonry retaining walls, festive entrance displays, and adding extra weeding of common green spaces above city standard.

Q. Are Homeowners Association and Community League the same?

No.  The Community League is also a volunteer not for profit organization but serves a different purpose.  A Community League promotes community and recreational opportunities.  For example winter and summer fun days, and green shack programs.  As well, it addresses and interacts with the city regarding the municipal issues that effect the neighbourhood.

Q. Are there architectural guidelines?

Yes, you can find them in the resource centre on this website.

Resource Centre Link

Q. How do I pay my fees?

Fees of $240 are due March 1st of each year.
You can send a cheque or money order to the Cameron Heights HOA.  
Please clearly indicate your name and home address that you are paying for.

Payable to:       Cameron Heights Homeowners Association

Mail to:           P.O. Box 67384 RPO Hawkstone, Edmonton, AB, T6M 0J5

Questions:        (780) 328-9115  or [email protected]

Q. I didn't sign up for HOA, how did I become a member?

Participation in the Cameron Heights HOA is linked to ownership of property within the neighbourhood via a restrictive covenant placed on every lot by the developer of the community. (see map)  Membership is tied to the current property owner and is transferred automatically when the property is sold. There is no choice if you own a lot in the designated area.   All homeowners should have been provided with a copy of documents registered on their property title, which includes the caveat for the HOA.

Q. How do I participate in discussion regarding HOA activities?

The HOA is governed by elected volunteer directors who are members of the HOA.  The board of directors meet regularly throughout the year.  In addition there is an AGM held yearly to formally engage the membership.  Aside from the AGM, members can contact the HOA members and/or the management company with any questions or concerns.

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Q. What other neighbourhoods in Edmonton have HOA's?

Several other communities within Edmonton have active and successful HOA’s, some of those located closest to Cameron Heights include:



The Hamptons


Q. Why does the HOA have a management company to run the HOA?

The HOA is a board of members who volunteer their time to operate the HOA, but as there is much time spent on collection of fees, finding contractors, paying contractors and much more. Our HOA Management Company is responsible for administering said operations.


Q. What are the rules I need to be aware of?

We strongly encourage every property owner in Cameron Heights to review all of the documents they have registered against their title at the Land Titles Office.  A copy of the Association Bylaws as well as an example caveat are provided in the Resource Centre.  In general, HOA members should be aware of the general rules within the bylaws and caveat, and the various architectural guidelines for your stage.

Q. How are the fees assessed for each member?

The association fees are based on the type of lot ownership, and levied based on the board’s current budget, and annual and long-term plans. Cameron Heights has three types of ownership; single-family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial. Currently there is only one commercial lot, one cul-de-sac of multi-family townhouses and one cul-de-sac of duplex bungalows. Please refer to the current budget in the Resource Centre.

Resource Centre Link

Q. What is looked at when creating the budget?

The association budget is developed by the HOA board of directors.  The objective is to build a healthy reserve fund and in addition, provide additional beautification to the neighbourhood, above city standard. If you have particular questions over any line item in the budget, please feel free to contact the HOA board of directors, and attend the Annual General Meeting.

Q. What is the purpose of the reserve fund?

The Cameron Heights HOA is responsible for several maintenance items throughout the neighbourhood, which include ongoing repairs, and may include unforeseen repairs. The masonry fencing is the best example. Also, it is intended to be used for future capital projects at the direction of the membership. This could include decorative features, recreation facilities such as courts and a rink, and even a community centre.

Q. Who do I contact if I have a question or concern regarding the HOA?

Please contact Donna LaFleche at [email protected]

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Q. Where can I find more information about Landscaping?

Please read our list of commonly asked landscaping questions here :

Click to access CameronHeights_LandscapingQuestions.pdf