Annual fees due March 31: E-transfer $240 to [email protected]

By Cheque: PO Box 55012, RPO Windermere, Edmonton, AB T6W 5B4


August 2020 HOA Update


Since our last published update, our social environment has changed significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These difficult times have challenged the Cameron Heights HOA to effectively manage the community in ways not imagined: difficulty obtaining contractors to provide services; limited choice with regards to plant selection, just to name a few.  The Board of Directors is working diligently behind the scenes to ensure the quality appearance of the community, while supporting the addition of amenities that indirectly benefit all members by positively impacting property values. 

Landscaping Maintenance & Additions

CHHOA changed landscape maintenance providers who augment the City’s grass-cutting services, and while there were a few issues at the beginning of the season, Classic has responded to any concerns in a timely manner.

Some residents have complained about the unkempt look of the grass, which has become much more noticeable due to the City curtailing their grass-cutting schedule.  CHHOA increased the area of grass to be cut from 2019 as shown on the map.  While turf maintenance remains the responsibility of the City, CHHOA supplements the City’s services on high visible locations to ensure a quality appearance in the community.  Community members must also do their part by ensuring their properties are kept in good condition which includes front and side yard boulevards.

Our new perennial beds were designed with the consultation of a highly qualified master gardener living in the community.  Installation of the perennials in the flower beds took longer than anticipated due to delivery constraints from the suppliers.  While the perennials will  require a few years to mature, the change was implemented to save on the cost of planting annuals each season.

Since CHHOA was notified by the City in 2019 that our landscape contractors could not maintain the Cameron Heights Drive centre boulevard, the Board has be in contact with the City to identify when and how the boulevard can be rehabilitated.  This project is very complex due to the fact that several City departments have to accept any changes put forth.  Compounding the challenge for rehabilitation is the lack of municipal funding due to COVID-19.  We thank you for your patience on this project as we will continue to make the rehabilitation of this highly visible boulevard a top priority.

Several new doggie-do dispensers and additional garbage cans will be installed in the community in high need areas.  We kindly remind all pet owners to clean up after their pets.

New 2020 AGM Date

The postponed AGM has been rescheduled for Thursday, Sept 24, 2020 at 6:30 pm (registration open at 6:00 pm) at the River West Christian Church, 19815 – 45 Avenue NW, Edmonton. (Please note that to attend masks will be mandatory and we ask that you practice social distancing).

Since the notices were sealed and ready to be mailed just prior to the lockdown, all information in your AGM notice will contain the incorrect date.  All other information remains the same.  As the 2019 year-end financials were not completed until June, they were not included in the AGM notice.  Year-end financials will be provided at the AGM.  Anyone who wishes to obtain a copy of the 2019 financials can email Donna at [email protected].

With all current six Board members allowing their name to stand for re-election, (excluding the the Developer appointed Board member), the maximum number of Board members allowable under the bylaws have been achieved.  Please note that this does not preclude you from seeking a Board position.  You must contact Donna at [email protected] with your intentions so that ballots can be pre-printed if the number of candidates exceeds the maximum allowed.

Cameron Heights Community League held their AGM in July 2020, so their accompanying AGM notice can be ignored.

Cameron Heights CL Collaboration

CHHOA is pleased to support the Cameron Heights Community League initiative to build a rink for the community.  Based on the feedback from the survey that CHHOA sent out to all residents in October 2019, a donation of $50,000 was made towards this project.  This allowed the community league to apply for matching municipal and provincial grants therefore reducing fundraising efforts for the $412,000 project.  As a result of this collaboration between the HOA and the CL, all necessary funds were raised to begin construction this season.  

Partnering with the community league enables the CHHOA to adhere to the Developers vision of maintaining and increasing community assets for the benefit of all members directly or indirectly.  

2020 Fees

Due to the pandemic, CHHOA extended the deadline for payment of your 2020 fees until August 31, 2020.

If you have not yet remitted your payment there are two options available.  Mail a check/money order to:

P.O. Box 67384
RPO Hawkstone
Edmonton, AB T6M 0J5

Or via e-transfer using the following information:

Email: [email protected]
Password: 2020fees

If paying via e-transfer, please ensure you include your name and address.

Please note that failure to remit payment by August 31, 2020 will result in interest charges being added to your account.  If COVID-19 continues to have a financial impact on your situation, please contact Donna at [email protected].